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A Trendy Fall Transformation

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The fashion trends are changing along with the seasons! It is time to transform your closet and accessories box. 

We know that the last perfect few days of the sunny season are coming to an end. However, fall is the best season for cute boots, warm sweaters, and scarves galore. As you are gearing up to reenter your busy life, Erica Nikol has the collection to allow you to return in style. The fall/winter trends revolve around long and delicate earrings, vibrant yet simple necklaces, and stylish, chunky bracelets. All of the above will accentuate your already cute outfits. Erica Nikol has the best fashion accessories lined up to help you strut around in style to deal with school, work, life, and weather. 

Business Casual Chic: The long, dangly, and delicate earrings being a strong trend for this upcoming season. Pair these with thick yet glamorous body jewelry, like this blue stone bracelet. Both of these together will have you stand out at your workplace as you complete your day to day work.

Strolling Through Glamour Park: Again highlighting the above mentioned fall/winter trends, Erica Nikol has the below pieces to make another day in the park just a tad more special. The intricate floral gold earrings add a subtle accent to whatever autumn-colored scarf you decide to wear that morning. Your outfit will have some brightness in comparison to the dull weather when paired with the chunky beaded bracelet. Lastly, necklaces this season are long yet elegant. They make a statement without being loud, as evident by the below piece. 

An Elegant, Classy, Black and Gold Evening: Bundled up at night due to the nippier weather? The following trendy gold and black pieces will accentuate those tall boots, beautiful scarves, and can be worn with jeans or a sweater dress. If anything, these pieces will allow you to feel like a modern-day Snow White when you glide around town at night.

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