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Ladies Of Style: Chatting with Fashion Blogger Melissa Gitt of Always Meliss

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Hi Ladies! It's Erica bringing you the first edition of my interview series, Ladies Of Style. This weeks spotlight is the fashion blogger behind the blog Always Meliss, Melissa Gitt. Today, Melissa tells us about her life and passion for fashion. Let's get started...

1. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

It's so hard to name just one! I love Emily Ann Gemma from the Sweetest Thing Blog, as well as Jade Scott and Kat Tanita. They are all amazing and inspiring fashion bloggers!

Evelyn Necklace , Jane Crystal Bracelet 

2. What made you decide to start blogging?

I've always loved makeup and fashion, and secretly wanted to start a blog for years! I finally got up the courage and my friends were all super encouraging, which was the best decision I've made to date!

Evelyn Necklace , Jane Crystal Bracelet 

3. Favorite fashion magazine?

Glamour! I never miss a chance to pick one up when I travel. It's the best airplane magazine. They have fab articles and great content.

Jane Crystal Bracelet 

4. Hoops or studs?

Both! I have quite a few ear piercings, and wear small hoops with studs every day. I never take them out!

Evelyn Necklace , Jane Crystal Bracelet 

What are some of your current jewelry obsessions?

Easily obsessed with my Erica Nikol Evelyn Goldtone Rivet Pendant Necklace, but my go to is always a dainty heart necklace that my Grandmother gave me. My Papa actually gave it to her when she was only 18. It's super special that she gifted it to me years ago! I wear it almost every day.

To check out Melissa's blog Always Meliss visit her website:

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