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Step Up Your Jewelry Game This Summer

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As the clouds are slowly parting to release warm sunshine into all of our lives, the wait is over. Summer is finally here, and as we head into the beloved season of bikinis, short-shorts, rompers, flip-flops and more, many wonder what jewelry items are to successfully pair to our traditional summer fashion. 

Claiming it to be its very own style, Vogue insists that “throwback jewelry” needs to be apart of your collection. That means you should pair that cute summer dress with those old camp friendship bracelets, charms that you would collect as a kid, and those seashells you would find at the beach. Erica Nikol has the pieces for you. 

    Going into the summer of 2019, the trend for jewelry combines the nostalgia from your childhood days with all the colors and class. Here are the top summer looks to up your fashion game. 

Colorful, Fun, and Flirty: Long string like necklaces, coming in a variety of bright colors, will sway along with your fun, flirtatious steps.



Glam By The Ocean: Layered bracelets and necklaces that remind you of stones from the seaside. Comes in a variety of colors and will catch the eyes of all on your next beach outing.



The Nostalgic Luxury: Bracelets that are an upscale form of friendship bracelets you wore or made at camp bring a sense of casual comfort to your style without removing any of the glam.




The Playful Yet Bold Statement: Layered, colorful, pieces which are elongated, heavier, and bolder in nature pair great with the simplest of summer wear. These pieces will elevate your fashion by making you the beautiful center of attention.

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